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Southern York County School District Foundation Sponsors Thank You Card Contest

The Southern York County School District Foundation, an organization led by a group of dedicated community volunteers, recently sponsored the third annual Thank You Card Contest.  The contest was open to all students in the District.  This year’s theme was “Our Students, Our Future”.


Five winners were chosen for artwork.  This year’s artwork winners were Deirdre Henkel, Nathan Hobbs, Audrey Makowske, Sarafina Santoro, and Kayla Wohltmann. 


Five students also won for writing about how to make their community a better place and how school helps them to achieve that goal.  Bella Brokopp, Anna Hombach, Julia Latko, Danica Krebs, and Keitaro Nguyen received awards for their writing.


The winning cards were mass-produced and given as a thank you to donors of the Foundation.  Congratulations to all!


Card1 Card2 Card3 Card4 Card5 Card Card Card Card Card