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SHS Choir Ensemble Performs Music Written by Sophomore Elizabeth Engle

Susquehannock High School Choral Ensemble Performs Music Written by Sophomore Elizabeth Engle


Elizabeth Engle, a sophomore, and member of the choir at Susquehannock High School, recently wrote a piece of music titled “Flowers of Greed.” Director Jay Althouse and other members of the choir loved the song and decided it should be added to the ensemble’s repertoire for their concert which took place on May 10. 


The thought behind the song, according to Elizabeth, is “...a flower is like a life or friendship, and when it dies, the seed is still there for another one to grow. When you trade a friendship for greed, like money or success, you can never get that seed, or that flower, back.”


A big fan of writing, she usually takes an idea or theme, which becomes a poem, and then turns it into a song. She’s been involved in music since third grade and plays violin, piano, and guitar. In addition to her current song, she’s written songs previously and has more in the works. 


When asked about her inspiration, she talked about her dad who played music professionally while touring with bands and then pursuing his own career in songwriting. His work motivates her to write her music and continue to pursue music. She also talked about Alison Krauss who is her favorite professional recording artist. Elizabeth says she plans to pursue music after high school and would like to focus on music ministries, but also thinks it would be pretty cool to be a solo recording artist. 


Reese Ambrose, who is also a sophomore, said she enjoys choir because it’s a great place for students to express themselves without judgment. She also commented on what an incredible teacher Mr. Althouse is and how he pushes everyone to be the best they can be, even when they don’t feel like it. Her fellow tenth grade student, Cordelia Jenkins, said that one thing people misunderstand about choir is just how much fun it is. “People think we only sing boring choir music. This year, we have gotten to sing some of the coolest songs ever. Not only that, it’s a great way to make new friends!”


To watch the choir ensemble perform “Flowers of Greed,” please follow this link. 


The Susquehannock High School Choir Ensemble is directed by Mr. Jay Althouse and consists of the following student musicians:


Elizabeth Engle (composer), Cordy Jenkins, Lily Wells,  Julia Latko,  Kelly Giblin, Charlotte Hanshew (guitarist), Reese Ambrose, Gabby Wolf, Corryn Burnett, Reagan Czahor, and Erica Broadaway.  


A color photograph of the SHS Choral Ensemble